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US Outbound Fellows – Fall 2022 Cohort

Meet our Fall 2022 Cohort of US Outbound Fellows! In October 2022, our African Fellows traveled to the US to pursue a 5-week Fellowship placement training with an individually matched US host organization. Now, four US host mentors have been selected to travel to their Fellows’ countries in Africa to provide technical assistance.

Learn more about our US Outbound Fellows and how they will assist their African colleagues to promote and enhance disability-inclusive civic engagement.

Profile pictures of eight individuals, four Americans and four Africans, are aligned with the Ethiopian, Tanzanian, Ugandan, and Kenyan flags in the center.
  • Dr. Evan Borisinkoff

    A profile picture of a white man with short brown hair and blue eyes, wearing a green polo shirt, smiling into the camera.

    Associate Professor at Minot State University Department of Special Education

  • Dr. Megan Roberts

    A close-up picture of a white woman’s face with medium length blond-brown hair, smiling into the camera.

    Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

  • Dr. Wendy Parent-Johnson

    A profile picture of a white woman with short blond hair wearing a black top, smiling into the camera.

    Executive Director of the Sonoran University Center for Excellence in Disabilities, University of Arizona

  • Dr. Jerry Alliston

    A profile picture of a white man with a short black beard, black hair, and glasses looks at the camera in front of a black background.

    Associate Director of the Institute for Disability Studies (IDS),
    University of Southern Mississippi